Saturday, June 19, 2010

Build A Bear ... er Tiger!

Ace and Sabria have been friends for well... all of Ace's life. They were born 9 weeks apart (yikes this means in only 9 weeks I *too* will have a TWO year old!) and have been enjoying 'play dates' ever since they were being carted around in their snugnrides. Vanessa and I have been plotting when would be the best time to take them to Build A Bear pretty much since we both found out we were pregnant. We thought it would be so much fun to do with them and it was well worth the wait.

Sabria turned two at the end of this week and to celebrate we enjoyed lunch at McDonald's with some play time and then onto the mall for some Build A Bear excitement. They both combed over all the drawers of bears, bunnies, monkeys, and tigers (oh my!) and both of them chose indpendent of one another the 'limited edition' tiger. Ace was most excited by the buttons that he could push that would cause the stuffing to change colors. He had a good time pushing those various buttons over and over again. And then it was his turn to 'make' his tiger. He was a tad nervous about the actual stuffing the tiger part, but he happily picked out a heart and placed it inside his tiger.

We then waited and watched Sabria's own tiger come to 'life' and the two of them occupied themselves during that process as well. Afterwards they were able to 'wash' their tiger which they did together. After their tigers baths Sabria collected the both of them, while Ace went exploring other areas of the store.

Next on the agenda was naming their tigers and filling out thier birth certificates. Ace chose the name Tag for his tiger. They both had a good time 'typing' on the computer for a while.

After they had obtained their birth certificates - we checked out and headed on our way with our new family member. They had a good time and so did the moms! :)

Tag came home and slept with Ace as he fell asleep (along with a sea of Disney pals as well) but Tag made the jaunt across the hall around 1am when Ace awoke and came into our bed, dragging Tag by the tail. So there was Tag next to Ace all night long.

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