Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Sunny Saturday!!

It was only a few days ago that this was the situation at our house...

... earlier this day it had been off and on sunny. So as Loving Husband was coming home I said let's grill some burgers. Certainly even if it wasn't still sunny, a little cloud cover wouldn't hurt. Well of course not seconds after we put the burgers on it started to pour. POUR! Ace absolutely loves to be out on the deck 'helping' his dad grill and when it rains he has a LOT of fun running around in it, especially without shoes. Mommy, not so much. So I crawled under the table to show Ace the water droplets on the table. He had a lot of fun under there.
But that was last week! Saturday was a beautifully different story! The sun was OUT it was shining ALL day and it was WARM!!!! It was wonderful. Sadly, dad was off to drill for the weekend, so it was just the boy and I. We decided to take advantage of the outdoors and paint for the first time. Ace loved it!

After he completed his 'first' painting (which he did all on his own. And yes, I will frame!) he painted on 4 smaller canvases and assigned which grandparent would get which one. The fourth he deemed was 'Ace's' and is now prominently displayed in his room.

Next on the fun agenda was the pool. Ace had a blast filling up the pool and swinging the hose all around and even at one point taking a drink out of it. I was surprised at how willing he was to play with the hose since obviously the water was pretty chilly, but he was having fun.

We let the pool sit for a while after it was full to get a little warmer, and we went and got lunch. Although before Ace could take his first bite, he was asleep. He took a good long hour car nap in the nice cool garage. Afterwards, he woke up and decided he wanted to paint and play in his pool. Sure, why not! Oh and also eat his nuggets. Quite a multitasker.

So we painted again and this time mom assisted and showed him that he could paint pictures and even write his name with the paint. He enjoyed having mom paint specific things he asked for and he getting to paint at the same time too. We had a good time.

We ended our time outside with a video message from dad who was walking between tasks on base and sent us a message saying hi. Ace enjoyed watching that and then after that we headed in the house for some coloring and eventually dinner, bath and bed! It was an excellent Saturday!

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Mom said...

Sweet.. the video's are great!! Love the paintings I can't wait until I receive mine. :^)