Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Weekend!

Why on earth would I travel ALL the way to San Diego to see a movie?! Well, because I can :) and if you saw my post from yesterday, it was my turn. :) It was a great three day weekend to spend with friends and family! I was able to see some of my closest and dearest friends and all of my family! I even was able to meet my adorable nearly-nine-month-old niece!

I left home early, hugging my Bear goodbye as I departed with my sis-in-law to the airport in the wee hour of 6:45am (that's an icky hour for a Saturday!) the airport was pretty calm for being a holiday weekend. The flight was uneventful and I landed in San Diego around 11:30am. Becky and her family picked me up from the airport and we headed to my favorite Mexican restaurant! It was great to spend some time with all of them, after that we dropped off Dave and the kids at their hotel and Bec and I went to the mall for some girl time :) After a few hours shopping we headed north to Carrie's house. Where I said goodbye to Bec, and Carrie and I started to get ready for our evening of girlie excitement!

We decided that ordering in would be the best bet, since predicting the amount of people around the theater and in restaurants was impossible, and we didn't want Carrie in her very pregnant state to have to stand for a long time - we ordered in Thai food and made cosmos and fosmos (2 real ones for Lys and Christine and 2 fake ones for us pregnant ladies!) We then snapped a few pictures and headed out to the theater.

We arrived in time to get in line - which only had about 10 people in it ahead of us - we stood there for less than 5 minutes before they let us in and found our seats front and center. There were a told of like 20ish people total in the theater - so it wasn't packed or crowded. Which was nice and we were glad we hadn't arrived an hour+ in advance to 'get in line' :) We all enjoyed the movie and headed home.

Carrie and I stayed up and watched more SATC episodes for a while and then headed to bed. The next morning my mom and Shell met us at Carrie's place (Carrie and Jason had headed off to church already) I told my mom that I was pregnant and then we headed out to meet the rest of the family in Old Town. It was nice to tell my Aunt and Uncle and then my brother and his wife and I got to meet Kaylee! I was so excited to finally get to meet her. :) She's adorable and has the sweetest temperament.

After some time wandering around Old Town we headed out and went to Sea Port Village on the beautiful sunny day! It was such a gorgeous day! We wandered around the stores, I stole Kaylee and Shell and we went to the hat store and I had fun torturing styling Kaylee in all the cute hats. :) After we had exhausted Sea Port Village we headed out to grab some dinner - we ended up at Carl's Jr. (We don't have those in the NW, so it's another Cali staple I like to grab when I can.) and afterwards departed ways. Mom and Shell took me back to Carrie's and Carrie and I enjoyed our evening with more SATC and relaxing.

We woke up the next morning and headed to the airport (at a more reasonable hour) with a quick drive thru at Starbucks first :) It was an excellent trip! I wish it could have been longer but I accomplished at lot in that time. It was a lot of fun!

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