Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Pillow

Soon after Jackie got into planning mode for her wedding she asked me if I would be interested in creating her ring bearer pillow for her and Dave for their wedding day. She had come across a design that she liked and passed it along for inspiration. As her shower date started to approach I began to hunt for the fabric that I wanted to use. The example she had shown was satin - and I just wasn't feelin' it. I'm not a HUGE fan of working with satin. It's very hard textile to work with.Especially if you're going to turn part of it into a rose. So I was on the hunt for the perfect aqua colored fabric (one of the wedding colors, of course.)

When I was in a little shop in our neighborhood I found this tea towel. It was perfect in color and linen. While linen has it's own demons of workability, I find it far more agreeable to work with - and it just felt more 'Jackie' :) I know that sounds weird.

The color was perfect and I thought the idea of repurposing a tea towel would be a fun way to make the present that much more fun. You see Jackie and Dave's wedding is going to be very sustainable. They are using many earth friendly products, upcycling and reusing a lot of things, and being extremely ecofriendly throughout the planning process. Which is fun to see their creative twist on traditional wedding ideas. :)

So having a broken iron at home after the near catastrophe with the quilt I had just completed - and not having time to acquire a new one before this project needed completion (I need a GOOD iron so I won't just go pick one up anywhere) I borrowed my neighbors for the weekend. :) and after Ace went to bed on Saturday night (I know nothing like waiting till the final hour to complete my project!!) I got to work. The rose on the top of the quilt is entirely hand sewn together and onto the pillow. I just did some gathering and sewing to create the floral effect. I braided the 'hand hold' together on the back because the ribbon was pretty thin to just put one - and then sewed it together. It ended up being a tad smaller than I planned, not sure where my measurements got off, but it still is a decent size. After all a child is carrying it. :)

The bride loved it! She gave it glowing reviews and said she's 'crazy' about it! Which is great - I'm pleased she liked it. It was a lot of fun to make!

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Jackie White said...

Hehehe! Yes very "Jackie." It's too cute, and fits into the wedding perfectly! Thank you so much!