Thursday, June 10, 2010


As of yesterday we surpassed the all time record for the 'coldest' spring on record for the Puget Sound. LAME! That means we never got to or above 75' by June 9th (the previous record) and today we're gearing up to NOT do it again. In theory this coming Saturday is going to push 80' I am holding out hope that isn't a ruse to get us to not riot in the streets this week after what was a beautiful Saturday last week.

Yes this previous Saturday was beautiful and warm (just not 75' warm apparently) and it finally was a non-work day that allowed for Loving Husband to finally tackle our crazy backyard! You see it has rained an excessive amount on weekends, evenings, etc. and thus leaving zero agreeable weather to mow the lawn with. Which results in the backyard looking something like this:

So for 7 hours (yes SEVEN!) on Saturday, Loving Husband mowed and dumped and repeat over and over and over again. Ace was fascinated off and on with 'helping' his dad. Mostly he liked to watch from a safe distance. Otherwise he was busy wanting to blow bubbles, play with chalk, or play peek-a-boo with the yard waste bin.

In between we barbqued burgers. Ace enjoyed his first slice of cantelop and like his momma, loved it! Ace also really enjoyed running ALL around the yard and especially enjoyed the part he got play in the giant pile of grass.

Mom also helped mow a few rows of grass, but I was demoted because LH said I couldn't make the lines straight enough. And well - being pregnant - it feels like you're in the worst shape of your life anyhow. So much so Ace felt the need to help me, he really was smacking my butt to help me up the 'hill' - hahah it was really amusing!

So for that brief glimpse we had a lovely day enjoying the sun and getting the yard in order for hopefully future sunny and lovely days. But today it's more doom and gloom outside. Siigh.

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