Friday, June 4, 2010

Flashback Friday

Two years ago was when the first Sex and The City movie came out - and I was 6+ months pregnant. Traveling still was a legal option, but not an ideal one. I wasn't sure (since you obviously have to buy tickets in advanced) whether or not I'd be in a condition to fly anywhere. So my dear friend Carrie, ventured all the way to the NW and waited (along with me of course) OVER a week to see the movie with me. We made an event out of it - we got dressed up in our SATC inspired clothing - which really means, cute clothes with cute shoes and cute accessories and then we went an had ourseleves dinner and of course a cosmo (mine was virgin of course) and then off to the movie we went! It was great because going a week later the chaos has calmed - but the excitement was still just as great in the theater. It was awesome and I was so glad we could share that experience together.

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