Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Announcing to Family!

Last time we were making the announcement that we were pregnant was around Christmas time. It made for handing people gifts relatively easy! They didn't look at you suspiciously or anything :) This time around we I decided to try something different and I ordered personalized fortune cookies. With PopPop and Gran we had them over and had Chinese food - they were completely unsuspecting and very surprised! The rest of the family looked at their random out of the blue presents of 'a cookie' with a bit of suspicion or knowing. :)

Last pregnancy I also only had to wait 3 weeks to tell everyone, this time I had to wait nearly 5 to tell my family in person since I had a prescheduled trip down to San Diego to see everyone. That was a LOOOONG time to keep that secret! But I was glad that I was able to tell them in person. Here is a sampling of a few of the reactions that these fortune cookies received.
So what did all the fortune cookies say??
Ace is growing fast, a brother he shall be at last!
You will meet someone very small at the turn of the year!
Looks like Ace will have to split his inheritance!
Mom and Dad and Boy make three, a fourth we'll add for you to see!
Love begets Love. Back rubs begets another child!
To play with brother everyday, a new arrival is on the way!


S Club Mama said...

omg that's adorable!! congrats!

FROGGITY! said...

congratulations!!!! :)