Monday, June 14, 2010

10 Weeks

A quarter done! It goes by fast! Then again I can still recall being pregnant with Ace and he's nearly 22 months old now. Time speeds by so fast when you have children (and are growing them!) This week I have many pictures for you. You see 10 weeks was the first milestone in my first pregnancy. 10 weeks was when I first started to show. So I decided to dawn the same outfit I had previously and give you a comparison of what I looked like at 10 weeks when pregnant with Ace and how I look pregnant at 10 weeks pregnant with TIME.

Baby's crown to rump length is 2.5-3.0 cm or 1.2 inches. Baby is the size of a kumquat or less glamorous a prune. Baby weighs about 3-5 grams or .25 ounces. Our baby's head is almost half the size of their body and all organs and external structures are now present. His/Her face is also well formed as of this week.

You'll get another post tomorrow about Baby TIME with more pictures, because we have another ultrasound of s/he tomorrow morning. We're very excited to see the baby again. Should be exciting! Always nice to see Baby and know s/he is safely growing away inside. Granted I've had plenty of morning sickness to bless me with the assurance that s/he's still happily producing hormones and affecting me. Enjoy these pictures of the belly.

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