Thursday, June 3, 2010

Avery's Quilt

Yes, as I type my dear friend Carrie is on her way to the hospital to deliver Avery! Hopefully within mere moments... or at least hours and not days! :) Her water broke around 7ish this morning! So I am anxious 'auntie' awaiting her arrival! I was so glad I was able to go down to visit her - although I was a tad disappointed that Avery didn't make her arrival when I was there - it was still great that Carrie was able to go see the movie with us (a post on that to come later!)

8 Weeks and 39 Weeks

I of course had to make a quilt for Avery - but being pregnant and 'enjoying' morning sickness I had put off working on it until last week. So it was a mad dash to complete the quilt. Really 4 days was more than enough time to complete it - it just felt a bit crunched for time! But it turned out cute - in spite of the pattern being horrifically off in measurements - so I basically had to create my own. :) The center square is 16x16 so that was a lot of space to not have any quilting on it - so I decided to make "A"s all over that section and told Carrie they weren't allowed to change her first name ;-)

It turned out cute and Carrie loved it! I love the fabric which I got here on Etsy. Etsy is an awesome place to find adorable unique fabric, and JoAnns is a good place to find some supplemental stuff. The only major issue I had while making this quilt was my iron decided to vomit rust color liquid toward the end... luckily the quilt was spared, but my carpet needed some serious spot-cleaning! That iron went into the trash and a new one will be required before I start on any future quilting endeavors.

Can't wait to hear from Carrie and to see her little girl Avery!!

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