Monday, June 7, 2010

9 Weeks

This week baby got to experience sun in the Northwest! Why do I find this note worthy? Because it's literally one of the only times in the NINE weeks (or seven officially) that Baby's been growing that the sun and warmth have been out!

Baby's crown to rump length is 20 mm or 0.75 inches. Or the size of a martini olive. Baby weighs about 2 grams. So baby now weighs the weight of $2 - see over the course of seven days already doubling the amount of money ;-) Babies are expensive. hehe.

Baby now can move their arms and legs and will be visible on our next ultrasound, which is exciting. It was so cute to see Ace squirming all around on the monitor that first time we got to see him. So it will be fun to see little Baby TIME squirming all around. Tomorrow, Baby's muscles in trunk, limbs, and head are developing. What is crazy to think about is the fact that by Thursday the baby's heart development is complete!

Some people have inquired what on earth does TIME stand for - I think I mentioned it in a previous post - but perhaps not or perhaps not well enough. Either way I'll state it again. Baby TIME is a combination of the intials for our boy and our girl. Our boy will be "TIE" and our girl will be "MAE" so drop the 'A' and for the unknown gendered babe we get Baby TIME. We are set on our girl's name, the boy name is still under discussion. We're hoping to really only need to girl name ;-)

Morning sickness still is rearing it's evil head, but I'm not nearly as exhausted as I was in weeks 5-7. But I still try to nap whenever Ace does. In fact, I've established that if Ace naps in our bed with me, we get nearly a 2 hour nap vs. if I put him in his own bed I only get 50-70 minutes. So snoozing together works for me!!

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Life with Kaishon said...

Congratulations on your baby : ) Happy growing in the sun!