Tuesday, June 1, 2010

8 Weeks

Baby TIME got to enjoy travel for the first time this past weekend! Yep, momma got on a plane and we headed down to San Diego to visit lots of people and to tell the rest of my family the good news! It was so great to see everyone and to spend time with them. Baby TIME behaved very well and only made mommy not feel well once. Success!

Baby is now 12 mm or 0.50 inches. Which is about the size of a raspberry. Baby weighs about 1 gram. Which is about the weight of a dollar bill. This past week baby's fingers and toes became present, although with still some webbing. Baby's external ears are starting to develop today. It's very exciting to think how quickly baby will change every day in these first few weeks.

We are very close to being able to 'go public' with this pregnancy there are only a few key players remaining to be told and then we're all set :) It was fun to tell my family in SoCal and many of them guessed it before they even read their cookie, but that's because they were getting a fortune cookie at a Mexican restaurant ;-)

The belly is officially visible at all hours of the day. Prior to last week it was only noticeable after about 6pm. However, now I wake and the bump is still there. It's so funny how the body adapts to pregnancy. My first round of jeans is about to be retired. They not only can't button they also cannot be zipped at the end of the day - that's getting a bit more riske than I'm game for. :)

I asked Ace yesterday if he wanted a baby sister and he said 'nope'. I asked if he wanted to be a big brother and he said 'nope'. I asked if he wanted a monkey and he said 'yah!' but then at other times he wants to kiss Baby and will say hi to Baby by waving to my stomach. So like any toddler it just depends on his mood.

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