Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jackie's Bridal Shower

If you recall a few weeks back we had Jackie's bachelorette party which was lots of fun, and on Sunday this past weekend we had her bridal shower at a local vegetarian resturant (the bride and groom are both vegetarians.) It was an excellent time!

Dana came up with the idea to have the presents be thematic to the holidays so everyone was assigned different holidays. I was assigned Valentine's Day - I couldn't NOT get her chocolate body paint ;-) but her real present was her Ring Bearer Pillow (a post on that craftiness to come later this week.) I also found Jackie a beautiful hair comb on Etsy, made by one of my friends from college. Her shop Pontellier has some beautiful hair pieces that she makes. I put them all together in a fun heart shape container sprinkled with a few heart shaped cookie cutters and some fake strawberries.

The party was lovely and the food was beyond delicious. We enjoyed watch Jackie open lots of great stuff - many people stayed true to their assigned themes which was a lot of fun. I loved her grandma who stood near by watching her open each gift! The games were fun. I even won one! Simply by having my anniversary so far away Jackie's. :) Nifty.

After we enjoyed games, present opening, and delicious food, we headed out to the courtyard to obtain some pretty pictures with everyone.

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