Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Women's Christmas Dessert

It's the kick off of the Christmas season every year! The annual Women's Christmas Dessert at Dana's church! Yes, an evening to gather the ladies together for dinner, a Christmas program, and yummy dessert and to celebrate the beginning of the Advent season. This was my forth year in attendance and as usual it was lovely.

This year we enjoyed a small group going to dinner (often we're upwards of 16+) and we dined at a local favorite of mine Purple Cafe. Were I enjoyed an Oddball red wine from Austria along with my favorite Cranberry Chicken salad and a Gorgonzola and pear pizza (shared with B of course, too much food for just myself!) After we efficiently ate dinner in just about an hour (including parking...paying...and exiting) we headed back to the church to admire all the hard work people had done one their tables.

B & D each decorated a table. This year I sat at D's table, since last year I sat at B's table - ok it wasn't really a conscious decision, but it worked out to be that way - and that's nice. :) Both tables were excellently decorated. D's little houses turned out beautifully - she refurbished them all with spray paint and glitter and obtained them all for under $20. They are both so crafty and quite the inspiration! B's trees were super cute - a Martha pattern - with champagne corks as tree trunks!

The event was a tad different from other years, but actually seemed to flow nicer - the program was held while we ate our desserts rather than a prelude to dessert. Dessert rather than being one of two options was a lot of tiny options 14 choices and we could choose 4! Wow! For an $8 ticket (which the money is donated to a local Women's Shelter) that ain't half bad. Unfortunately for me - my first dessert I enjoyed was carrot cake - and it had pineapple. BAH HUMBUG! Dana's mom to the rescue with benadryl and I was hazily a-ok. But my appetite for the remainder of my desserts was fleeting. I chose to play with the low light and candlelight sitting before me instead. :)

As always it was a wonderful evening to share with all the girls. I can't wait to do it again next year!!

The moms had already left, this was the 31 and under crowd.


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that sounds like a lot of fun!!! great pics.

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