Sunday, December 6, 2009

First Bath

No not Ace's and no not mine but the first bath in our new bath tub! Yes a few nights ago I got Ace to sleep and switched monitoring duties over to Loving Husband and for the first time locked myself downstairs in our new bathroom and enjoy pure silence. Yes I know that my son was sleeping so there would have been silence regardless - BUT if he had woken up - I never would have known... my time would have remained blissfully mine - uninterrupted no need to put my head under water while Loving Husband sooths our boy back to sleep (that didn't happen Ace slept just fine - but one day it will and I'll never have to know.)

I dropped in some bath salts of a soothing relaxing scent and turned on the water. Plenty of hot water and and a favorite feature of this tub... the sides are wide enough to hold a wine glass!

I lit a few candles, poured a glass of wine, and broke out my book and enjoyed myself some time alone in a lovely bath salt soaking tub. Pure bliss.

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Mom said...

Resding by candle light..not good for you eyes.. glad you could some MEEE time.