Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Train ride home

Our ride home was not nearly as glamorous, but still just as exciting and adventurous. The trip home was broken up in two parts - we started in business class for the first leg of the trip - we had a layover in Portland and we switched trains -and downgraded all the way to steerage coach.

The difference in space was vast. In fact the amount of space we had on the first leg of the trip was better than we could have asked for. We had an entire business class car to ourselves (plus one other couple that didn't mind our roaming toddler!) Yes that leg of the trip Ace was able to literally run up and down between the aisle, push all the buttons, climb in all the chairs ... on dad ... and occasionally look out the window. Guess that nuance lost it's luster after the first 7 hours and he had seen everything there was to see. ;-) He was quite content and even settled down for his first nap right on schedule and for over an hour.

We boarded our second train in Portland and spent several hours in our seats of a sold out train. It wasn't unbearable, but Ace was teething so he was far more volatile than he typically is. Less able to reason with and not understanding why he couldn't run up and down this aisle as he had just been doing. But overall he was great! He sadly fell asleep 10 minutes before we pulled into the station so the relief of unconsciousness for us was minimal and then poor Loving Husband had to schlep all the luggage while I attempted to keep him asleep. It didn't work for very long - but that's ok - we were home!

We had an excellent time on the train - even if our accommodations weren't nearly as fancy as on the way to Oregon. Would we do it again? Sleeper Car: Yes. Business Class: Yes. Coach: Not when the Business Class upgrade is only $10*. ;-)

* We tried to obtain Business Class for the final leg of our trip but they were all sold out.

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