Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Presents!

Last year when Ace opened presents - he didn't get it at all. While he complied and held the paper while mom and dad ripped it he was uninterested and pretty clueless. :) He was 4 months old. This year there is a sheer excitement and the fact he says the word 'open' over and over again is exciting... and since his mom is a big kid herself, I of course couldn't wait for him to open one of his presents! Since his Aunt and Uncle will not be able to join us on Christmas to watch him open his presents I wanted to have them still be able to watch him do so and thus the camera went on to capture his opening. The communication broke down when I attempted to get him to say 'thank you' which is simply him putting his hand to his mouth and then pulling it away (which he does at the very end of the movie!) So thank you Derek and Jennifer for one of his presents - he is eagarly awaiting the time he gets to open more!

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S Club Mama said...

they never sign what you want them to ;) how cute though! I'm excited to video tape this Christmas!!! It's our first year with our camera (we got it last year). Tristan says "buh-bye" when movies/tv shows end. LOL

I love that he signs!