Friday, December 18, 2009


Ace has colored for the first time. Yes, the other morning after breakfast after his persistent interest in our pens and writing utensils I decided to break out the crayons and let him go to town. It was great to see him take in the box of crayons in awe. What an exciting adventure with such a rainbow. He seemed to enjoy the process of taking the crayons out rather than coloring specifically. Although he truly is my child because the first two he took out were red and green - yay Christmas!
Not wanting to do it for him I simply started to color my own picture, hoping that he would emulate or assist in coloring my picture. Every now and again I would take whatever crayon was in his hand and make contact with his paper and show him how to color. He did a few strokes off and on on his own and added a few speckles to my drawing.

We spent probably 30 minutes sitting on the kitchen floor coloring and taking crayons out. He also enjoyed putting the crayons away too - which is good, since a few of them were out. It was a nice rainy day inside. That was a good mommy-son morning.

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S Club Mama said...

frame that baby! watch out for him chewing on them; I know that's what Tristan still does at 2 1/2. LOL I love coloring with him. We're making ornaments that Tristan colored for his grandparents.