Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year Goal

Every year I set a new goal. 2007 - read 30 books. 2008 - read 10,000 pages. 2009 - Blog 2-3xs a week. So with 2010 around the corner I've been mulling over my options. I like to push myself. See what spawned the goal of '30 books' in 2007 was that I had read 24 in 2006. So I decided to up the ante so to speak. Then the following year, knowing I'd be pregnant and wanting to read a few thicker books that I had passed on in order to obtain the book count of 30 I went with pages. I blew that goal out of the water by finishing my goal of 10,000 pages before Ace was even born (in August) and managed to read over 13,000 pages in 2008. 2009 with a mobile toddler on my hands, I knew that reading that much just would not happen, plus I had stretched myself two years in a row in the literary world - so I wanted to try a new angle. So I decided to become a 'blogger' and with nearly 300 posts for 2009 I think I have successfully completed my goal of becoming a blogger. My son's life is well documented, I've made some blogging friends, and have found some wonderful reads along the way. I feel my life is much richer from accomplishing this goal this past year.

As I've said I've been mulling over my options. I've already become a blogger The A-Priori Mommy is well established. There isn't much more I can push and expand myself within this bubble - don't fret, I plan to remain a blogger for 2010 - it's become some common place and is a habit now so The A-Priori Mommy will live on strong in 2010 and you can all continue to watch Ace grow. Then I got to thinking - in July I started Amature Foodie. I thought by creating a blog I'd find that as my inspiratation to cook more at home. Hmm not so much. Also I've been acquiring some fun kitchen gadgets, cookbooks, cooking magazines; it just seemed that everything has been pointing to cooking. This past year I enjoyed Molly's book A Homemade Life and that sparked some inspiration into me and I won't lie Julie and Julia added a dash of inspiration as well - more Julia than Julie (I have no aspirations or desires to become famous and rich from cooking. I'm of course I won't lie I'd happily accept riches from doing my daily tasks...) I've been surrounded by many things kitchen and with all my new kitchen accessories for Christmas it was ultimately decided...

I have come to the conclusion that in 2010 I am going to cook 150 different recipes and blog about them on Amature Foodie. It combines both the cooking and blogging, with the added bonus of accountablity and well... a tracking system. I am entering this endeavour well armed. I have several magazines that will be entering my kitchen on a monthly basis: Everyday Food, Food & Wine, and Bon Appetit and I have many many cookbooks to choose from. Here's to cooking in 2010!

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Alison said...

If you ever want to get 5 or 6 recipes done in one day get the cookbook, Don't Panic, Dinner is in the Freezer - LOVE IT! I get some friends together and we do freezer meal a few times a year!