Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sixteen Months Old

It is so hard to believe that this is Ace's second Christmas eve. It is hard to believe that he is 16 months old on this second Christmas eve. It just doesn't seem possible. However, it very much is true. My boy is 16 months old today!

New firsts this month: first time making a gingerbread house, coloring, a trip on a train (more on that to come!)

New words: APPLE! Oh my oh my - he has been saying apple over and over again ever since he learned it this past month. He also says: blue, red, ah-doon (all done), dog, and several others. He also this month parroted a bad word his mom a total stranger said. Luckily it wasn't a repetitive parrot. It was a one time deal - but he certainly said it in the privacy of our home loud and crystal clear in a store while mom was talking to his Auntie Becky on the phone and said it. Oops!
He is still running around everywhere, which led to a few bonks, but he of course is all boy and never let those things stop him. Ace is over 32" tall and weighs right around 20lbs. And officially has 9 teeth, yes his first molar popped through earlier this week and is peeking through the surface!
He has done wonderfully with the Christmas tree and while he enjoys taking the ornaments off the tree he doesn't yank the lights or pull the whole thing down on top of himself. He has already become a pro at opening presents as he his mommy just can't wait to see him open presents. So he's opened several already and has enjoyed them greatly. He even enjoyed his first 'camping' trip in the playroom in the tent that his Great Aunt and Uncle gave to him. He has already had a great time with that and he hasn't even had it a week!
He loves to read and we read his Storybook Bible nearly every day. He totes it to us in the mornings and in the evenings before bed. He still often fails to sit through a whole book, but still loves to read just the same. He can say one and two and recognizes the concept of single and at least 2 in the multiples. He can't yet hand us 3 things, but he can hand us 2 so he's well on his way in that department!

Every day is a new adventure and every day both of his parents see more and more understanding in his eyes. We love to fill his head with knowledge and things that people look at us and say 'he can't understand that, he's too little' and while we might agree on some things, he really does understand more than the average bear ;-) and we continue to talk to him like he's an adult, yet have the patience with him in the fact that he's a toddler. :)

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!

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Mom said...

I was laughing our loud reading this. I told you to watch what you say... I love that he decided to say **** in public clearly.. He is one smart boy!! Your momma did not teach you those words.