Saturday, December 12, 2009


There is just no other word for it. All week the high at our house has barely made it above freezing. That is just unacceptable to me! When I agreed to move to the northwest, I signed up for cloudy. I signed up for rainy. I signed up for chilly on occassion. I did not sign up for freezing several days, weeks, months of the year. I did not sign up for feet of snow - and we'll all pray and hope that last year's sky vomit of 20+ inches was indeed a mere fluke of nature and not a common occurrance yet to come. That's for the pros in Minot, not us ill-equipt northwest folk that don't have enough snow equipment to handle feet of snow. Hmmph. So don't get me wrong, while I enjoy snow and will enjoy it when it drops for a few days and a few inches - I do not need a lot of it - nor do I need an excessive amount of time with this deep freeze. However, I can't get too mad at nature when bundled up, my little guy looks this cute. I mean look at how adorable he is in all his cozy clothes. :) Happy Freeze, everyone!

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