Monday, December 7, 2009

Cookies Cookies EVERYWHERE!

Tis the season for a good Christmas party and what is one of the best kind? Cookie Exchange! Yes and this weekend I had two - one on Saturday and one on Sunday! I was really tempted to take what cookies I had obtained on Saturday to the one on Sunday - but bah humbug! That's no fun! So I was a good little elf and made two different sets of cookies - over the course of two days 8 dozen cookies! For Saturday's exchange I made Swedish Christmas Cookies. Since I have part Swedish, I always like to try dishes from that part of the world. It called for a new spice that I had never used Cardamom - it is yummy!

The party was a lot of fun - we enjoyed dinner together, then collected ourselves some cookies, and watched Four Christmases - it was a nice girlie night. Ace enjoyed himself a cookie (or two) and also enjoyed running around in his festive 'ears' and pjs during the movie.

Sunday was time to bake another batch! This time it was Christmas Sandies. You might be wondering what I do with Ace while I am baking... well for the Swedish Christmas cookies it involved a two step process: 1. Make the dough and leave in the fridge over night, so I did that after Ace went to bed on Friday. 2. roll the dough in sugar, slice and bake - I did that during his Saturday nap. Sunday though for the Christmas Sandies the party was at 2pm so there was no nap for Ace to slumber through cookie making. So he ate his breakfast by himself while I combined everything to form the dough. I was pretty busy and he was pretty content to 'eat' and watch what mom was doing. Everything was ok until the yogurt. :)

After cleaning him up and cookies were all decorated, cooked, and ready to go - we headed out to the next party that not only was a cookie exchange but also a Gingerbread House Making Party! Oh yes and this year Ace was old enough to assist in the construction (or destruction as the case may be) He did pretty well and enjoyed sampling all the decoration --- and then decorating mommy. Siigh. We all had a nice time!

Hope your Advent season is equally as festive and joyous!

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