Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Season

Advent season is a time to prepare and continuously celebrate the anticipated arrival of Baby Jesus. Many people choose to celebrate this on a nightly bases with a calendar counting down the days. Some people even give each other gifts, what a fabulous idea! Churches around the world celebrate the advent season on the 4 Sundays before Christmas. In our home with our son we are reading the Christmas Story over the course of this month. 24 snippets of the biblical story (with some added anecdotes of Mary rationing her water on the long trek.) My mom found this advent calendar and it is just wonderful.

We set it up and eagerly anticipated the reading of the story with Ace each day. Now what to do with all these little books once read. I was a tad nervous to place them on our tree 1.) because Ace removes ornaments at will and goodness knows where they all are and 2.) the strings are a tad short to easily fit. So I came up with another solution that also helped us prune back our tree out front. I made our own tree! with some pruning scissors, tape and ribbon and wa-la our Advent Tree was ready.

Ace more than anything wants to put the books on the tree rather than read them, but often he will sit through the two page story of the day and then we place it on the tree together. So while he's a tad young to truly understand the meaning of Christmas. He certainly knows who Jesus is (to a point) and when asked where Jesus lives he points to his heart and then runs over to his Fisher Price Nativity scene and picks up the stable. :)
Only 10 more days until Christmas!

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