Monday, November 1, 2010

Mae's Room

Even before I knew I was having a girl, I had a good idea of what I wanted to do in her room. Then Loving Husband said that looked like Neapolitan ice cream and put the stop to that... well hmmph (I wanted one wall to be a darker brown and the other walls to be the faintest pink imaginable, with little birdies) With that vision 'crushed' I went on the hunt after establishing that this little one was a girl and I think I like it even better than the original plan!

It was decided that we probably should make the rooms versatile enough that the kids could switch rooms - but I also didn't want another 'gender neutral' room for MAE. We decided to go with a blue(ish) hue that could translate into something for a boy if the occasion arose that Mae and Ace wanted/needed to switch rooms. The painting can be seen here.

Then it came to deciding how I wanted to decorate her room. With Ace's room his was a 'jungle' theme and is painted BRIGHT green. You can see that color in many different pictures, but this is a good representation of that. He has a monkey and a snake hanging from vines in his room and a jungle themed quilt made by Dawn that is now formerly 'above the changing table'. Ultimately Ace's room has transformed into a hodge podge of many favorites of his - a post I'll draft soon - but for Baby Mae's room, I knew I wanted something 'soft' and not too over the top or thematic and so I went with cherry blossoms and birdies.

Orginally, I found some crib bedding that was my initial insipiration and then I found the lamp that I wanted in her room at Ikea and next up I was on the hunt for decals. I had contemplating simply painting a tree on her wall, but then that made it less diverse for switching rooms, so the decal hunt went forward. All in all I bought three different 'sets.' The cherry tree by the changing table I found online somewhere... and the birdies above the window and the door were from VinalOnTheGo and then main decal above the pack-n-play was from Surface Inspired. The quilt is another one made by Dawn and this time over the dresser. :)

It was fun to invision everything and then see it all come together - I can't wait for her to be in it.

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