Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Wonder of Snow

On Monday the snow started coming down around 8am. Loving Husband decided then that he wasn't going to brave the freeway into work and that he'd just dial in from home. A smart move considering how ill equipped our state and drivers are with maneuvering through the snow. If he had made it in - he might not have made it home. We knew some people whose 30 minute commutes were 3 hours. Luckily we stayed inside bundled up and watched the snow come down.

Thankfully we had made the decision to get new tires last week. The previous set on there was pushing 60,000 miles and they were nearly 5 years old. We had been told a time or two that they needed to be replaced, so they would have been in no condition to have braved the snowy roads. However, our brand new tires were happy to test the roads and so before the snow got too bad, Loving Husband headed out and got some essentials from the grocery store... plus some donuts for good measure. He snapped a shot on the way back.

As the day pressed on so did the snow off and on. It came down relatively lightly but steady for a few hours in the afternoon and again in the evening. Ace was getting quite the cabin fever - so after his nap in 24' weather that felt like 15' a boy and his dad went for a walk to the mailbox. Ace was bundled up with massive layering. His father... not so much.

The boys enjoyed a short walk and then came back in to get cozy and warm. Overall a successful trip. We all enjoyed dinner and then Ace headed off to bed. I sat by the fire and watched Dancing with the Stars 'with' my mom and enjoyed watching more snow fall. It was a nice cozy Monday... even if I was feeling pretty sick and icky with a new unfun cough.

Tuesday began at 3:30am with Ace being sick. However after about 7am he was in great spirits and we enjoyed the beautiful 'artwork' that the snow and sun provided. Again Loving Husband stayed home and we had a nice low key - catch up on sleep day. Except for the interruption of the family tradition of the 'deck dive' - Ace's inaugural year. Yes, our two year old (who had spent the middle of the night being sick) joined us in the 'deck dive.' The what?! As you recall two years ago we did this. Since I'm pregnant this year I was not forced to lie down in the snow, so I merely plopped down (yes in my underwear) and got up again. Ace in his diaper sat down as well... only Loving Husband went all out and laid in the snow.

Tuesday's sunset was beautiful over the snow. Ace continued to feel better as the evening progressed and had a good appetite. The evening was nice and low key.

Overall the first 'real' snow of the season was not so bad for us. We got to enjoy the beauty, the cold, and the silliness that comes with it and our house did not lose power! :)

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