Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun

Ace, last Friday was able to enjoy his first taste of trick or treating, so all day Sunday he was super excited to get to relive it in the neighborhood. In fact the first thing he said after he woke from his nap is 'I have to go get candy!' haha soon little man, soon! We watched It's a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown to help pass the time and ordered pizza for dinner.

We held him off until about 6pm when the first trick or treater arrived at our door and then he was rearing to go! We all put on our costumes. I went with the easy costume of Juno. My costume cost me a whole $1 on ebay for the orange and white striped shirt ... otherwise I owned all I needed for that. The husband went as a 'military' man in non-issued gear. Ace was of course the adorable dinosaur. We posed for a picture with Ace's pumpkin all lit up and we headed out.

Ace had a great time, he was a bit shy at first just as he was on Friday and then slowly opened up. There were a few houses decked out in swag that he was a bit hesitant about, but there were a few that he was all for ... the fog he LOVED and another house that had an LED lit kitty he was obsessed with. I wasn't sure he was ever going to leave that nice woman's porch. :)

 Ace and his dad finished the neighborhood and I went back to our house to hand out the massive amounts of candy (7lbs worth... in fact what is pictured is not all of it. We still had about 50 more pieces + what we gave away of Ace's before we had to cut the lights and hide at 8pm.)

The boys came home not too terribly long after I did with their loot in hand and they dumped it out on the living room floor to survey the fun. Ace had a good time sampling a handful of items. He enjoyed the lollypop - but he didn't get to consume all of it - we moved onto chocolate after that. That was his favorite.

After a while he enjoyed helping handing out candy to the kids at the door. He was only unnerved/cautious a few times about whom he was passing candy out to... Freddie Kruger being one of them... talk about a timeless costume. How do these kids even know who that is?! Ah well... Ace was hesitant to hand candy to him and said 'mommy?' and I looked up from the bucket and was like 'oh... it's ok honey.' and I tossed the candy in and he was gone.

Ace enjoyed staying up late (an extra 30 minutes before starting his bed time routine) and actually slept in an extra hour the next morning for his mom and dad. Woohoo! We had a very Happy Halloween!

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