Sunday, November 14, 2010

California Cousins

I'm not sure how I managed to skip this post when I was blogging about our California Adventures, but somehow I did *GASP* and that was the noteworthy event of Ace getting to FINALLY meet his cousin Kaylee. They are almost exactly one year apart. Kaylee was born last September 8th, so when we visited she had just celebrated her first birthday. She's adorable! She looks like her daddy so much.

Ace and her did great playing together. It was funny, Ace who typically is an excessive sharer... to the point of being taken advantage of even - exhibited his first sign of attachment and selfishness with his cousin Kaylee when it came to his tiger. It was adorable. He wasn't mean or forceful, but he looked at me like WHAT?! when she had him. He also when playing with the little 'house' that my mom had kept saying he needed the keys and when he finally found a set of keys (because that house has none) he locked the door! hahaha we found this extremely amusing. Even though he 'locked her out' he really wasn't being mean about it - just expressing his opinion which he ultimately relented to when she came crawling through the 'locked' door anyway. :) It was pretty adorable.

I wish that we lived closer - I'd love to live closer to my brother in general, but to be able to allow the cousins to play together semi-regularly would be so awesome. The time they did have together they had fun and we still say prayers for them on a regular basis, so they left a lasting impression on Ace. :) Can't wait to see them again, I hope it's sooner than later!

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My babies with their babies.. all is good.