Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Play Date

Today Ace got to play with his cousin. I always am glad when he can get some social interaction with kids his own age. He has swim lessons every week, but actual children interaction is minimal. He also with some regularity gets together with Sabria. But I still am glad with the more he gets on a regular basis. :)

He and Parker did well together. When Parker first arrived she was a bit sleepy, and Ace did well to make her feel welcome and climbed up next to her and 'read' to her. Eventually she got out of that sleepy state and they hopped down and started playing. He did well to make her feel welcome at his house and was a good sharer. Granted he got a bit wired and rambunctious at the end of the play date. A tad too excited. Although he ultimately recovered. He also was super glad to have Gran visit. So did mommy, it was nice to sit around and chat for a while.

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