Thursday, November 18, 2010

Twinsie Blankets

Remember back when I announced that Ethan and Kaylee had arrived? Well, in light of their arrivals I kicked their shower present into high gear at that time. You see Dana's shower was in June - and there was no way I was completing two crocheted blankets by that date. I promised she'd have them before it 'got cold' so at her shower, Dana received a Mickey and Minnie clad in mini-blankets so she'd have an idea of what was to come. :)

I didn't too bad. I actually completed them both by early September (so see I'm really only a slacker on the blogging portion of the program!) I gave them to Dana at our September book club and Kaylee was happy enough to model herself in hers.

Do they look familiar? It's the same pattern (and color in fact) that I made for my niece Kaylee and her arrival. :)

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