Monday, November 15, 2010

32 Weeks

Time is tickin by quicker and quicker to the end of pregnancy and the welcoming of Mae to our family (on the outside!) I'm a nice solid 8 months pregnant and starting on the 9th month.

Mae is quite active and mommy is quite tired - so we're right on schedule for where we should be. :) I've been eating my weight in deviled eggs these days. In fact in the last week I've had a dozen eggs and I'm showing no sign of being 'full' of them so I'm sure to have more. She certainly likes them!

As I mentioned in a previous post Mae has been measuring small. We have another routine appointment on Wednesday and if she's still measuring smaller than the doctor thinks she should be, they'll do an ultrasound to just make sure everything looks fine. Most likely she's just a small little girl. If she were average then as of right now she measures crown to rump 11.8 inches and she weighs between 4.2-4.4 pounds. Her kidneys are fully developed and she is 'rapidly gaining weight.' I'd say I am personally much smaller this time around and I am carrying WAY lower than I did with Ace. The nice thing is that I am still able to wear one pair of 'normal' jeans - they're my 'fat' pants but I can still comfortably button them below the belly... although I feel those days are numbered as she's going to take over soon. :)

Ace is doing great as a big brother - he loves to wear shirts that say 'big brother' on them and even tries to spell 'big' when he has them on. He loves to hug his sister, talk to her, tell her good morning, say prayers for her at night. He's doing great. He's even understanding when mommy's back hurts and is too tired to run around. He tries to take care of me. It's very sweet.

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Lori said...

If your daughter is as cute as your son I'm afraid the planet will explode. I'm just saying...