Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Last Thursday I had quite the busy afternoon. My friend Vanessa asked me to watch her two little ones. As you recall, Vanessa is mommy to Sabria - Ace's best friend - and so of course I'm happy to watch both Sabria and Kyler! Vanessa is a godsend many times and watches Ace often, so I'm happy to help when I am needed to watch. But boy oh boy 2 toddlers and a mobile 9 month old - is a lot of work for an 8 month pregnant lady. :)

They had a lot of fun, some squabbles were had - some serious - others in good fun like this one which was an amusing game of tug-of-war with the basket!

Kyler was adorable and even took a 30 minute cat nap for a bit. Sabria and Ace had a blast playing together and only had to be refereed a tad. All in all an excellent afternoon and evening!

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