Wednesday, November 10, 2010

60 Days!

Yep that's right - there are sixty days until Mae's scheduled date of arrival. There are 44 more days of sleep until Christmas is here... Mae is going to be here very soon and the holiday season is gearing up full force now. YIPPEE!!

Mae at the last two doctor's appointments has been measuring small, but growing. No one finds this alarming or troublesome, more just a sign that she will be smaller than her brother (yay!). At 28 weeks I was measuring 27 weeks, and at 30.5 weeks, I was measuring 29 weeks. So she's not too far behind and growth is still happening. They suspect a growth spurt would occur between my 30 and 32 week visit. I think it might have started yesterday!

Yesterday - perhaps subconsciously in honor of '60 days' I made and ate 10 deviled eggs... when you count the fact that I mash a whole hard boiled egg in with the other yolks to make the 'deviled' part of them... I ate (in under 15 minutes...) 6 WHOLE EGGS! Yum and I wasn't full... but I ceased eating anyway. Dinner was also an impressive feast with no major fullness either. So hopefully the protein she got will help her grow grow grow! Our next appointment is next Wednesday. So we'll see!

Mae has started to have hiccups on a regular basis and I love them. They're so rythmic and they also help reassure me that she's already head down - although she still is occasionally trying to be transverse and MAN does that hurt! Ouchie! Overall she's being pretty nice to me. By this time in my pregnancy with Ace my rib had been permanently reshaped from his kicks. Mae wedges herself under mine on occasion and I have to push her out. It's not the most comfortable, but it's not the worst either. :)

Ace regularly comes up and wants to see Mae, hug her, kiss her, and tell us he loves his sister. It's very sweet and I continue to pray that he is equally as excited as when she is here. Hoping that I can continue to maintain the energy level that I have now through the remainder of the pregnancy but we'll see! Weight gain has been steady and not too excessive, swelling has been minimal and usually is only first thing in the morning in my hands and feet. Can't really complain!

Looking forward to the next 2 months. Less than 9 weeks to go!!

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Carrie said...

yay!! she'll be here before you know it! :)