Friday, November 12, 2010

All By Iself!

That is Ace's current most popular phrase. He really wants to try to do things 'All by Iself' I find it adorable and sometimes frustrating at the same time. Depending on our time schedule 'All by Iself' can be quite time consuming resulting in even further delay in getting out the door, or whatever it is we're attempting to do.

Things he likes to do 'All by I self' include putting his socks on, his shoes on, taking a sticker off the sheet, and feeding himself. It's far from an exhaustive list, but those are the repeated ones that he wants to do himself. Yesterday he was insistant that he get dressed by 'Iself' he ran upstairs stripped off his feetie pjs and located pants, brought me a diaper, and found himself a shirt. The shirt happens to be a pj shirt because that is the drawer that he can reach. He came down, attempted do it 'Iself' and then asked for some assistance. Then he was dressed (see picture above.) Not a half bad dressing session, I'd say. Later he decided he wanted a different look and that he wanted 'trunks' on instead of his pants (they didn't stay on very well - they were a tad too big.) So back to his dresser he went in search of trunks. He came down and I was completely amused. See below. hehe...

I love that he does it by 'Iself' rather than 'myself' :) I'll miss that when he corrects that. He's been very cuddly and loving lately and I love all his hugs and telling me he loves mommy and that he loves dad and Mae. It's so sweet. I hope he keeps that quality. He's such a great boy with a big heart. He makes me smile every day.

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Carrie said...

you should start calling him "Mr independent" :).