Wednesday, November 17, 2010

An Ace Pillow

We have been meaning to get Ace his own pillow for a while. His sheet set came with a full size pillow case - but that pillow is just TOO big for his little neck. He needed something more his size. When I did do some research on pricing out toddler pillows, I choked! You want me to pay WHAT?! for 1/4th of a pillow?! No way. I decided I could make one using supplies I already have here at the house. After that decision was made ... that is as far as I got. :) For a WHILE. In fact he transferred into a toddler bed in January, and it's now November - so you do the delayed 'to do' list math on that one. Ooops!

So this past weekend while my boys were out on a lengthy walk, I got to work. I needed a good excuse to break out my brand new iron that Loving Husband got me for my birthday (yes I requested an iron for my birthday.) Making the pillow was pretty simple. I took a fat quarter of cotton fabric, cut it in half, turned it inside out and sewed it twice to ensure some sturdability leaving one end open for stuffing. Turned it right side out, stuffed it pretty compactly, and then sewed the end shut. Pillow complete!

Next up was the pillow case, pretty much a very similar process. I measured wrong, or rather I cut wrong though so I had to do some seam ripping and inserting a 3" panel to correct my blunder.... but all in all the pillow case was made and Ace was more than happy to 'model' his finished product for me. He's slept on it for a few nights now and I'd guess he sleeps on it about 25% of the time, he still prefers to simply sleep on the mattress... but at least he has the option now! :)

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Heather said...

When did Aiden start looking like such a little boy and not a baby?? He is so grown up!

Love the pillow. :) Maybe I can hire you when Madeleine is ready for one!