Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gone but not forgotten

Today marks four years since my daddy passed. It doesn't seem like it's been that long, but then so much has happened since that fateful day in 2006. Life certainly has carried on, but he is still deeply missed. Another holiday has gone and now he has two grandbabies. Life truly is unexpected. You never know how long you'll have someone. We lost my daddy all too early, but loved all the years we had with him. Even in the four years he was ill - he was always a joy to be around. He loved us all and we loved him.

Father's Day 2004 we surprised him two kittens. He had been placed on disability and was no longer able to work for a few months at this point, and we knew with Derek being gone to North Dakota, my mom working all day, and me in So Cal - that the house was lonely. These kittens were a wonderful addition to his life. He taught them how to sit up pretty, how to play fetch, he was a wonder when it came to working with animals. He truly enjoyed their company.

This picture was taken the day that we got them. It's one of my favorite.


ravennagirls said...

hugs !

Kristen said...

Oh...I am so sorry. I love the huge smile on his face!