Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Christmas Present & A Goal

Every year I have a goal for the new year. I don't in particular resolve to do anything or set a goal to change something per se, but I do like to have a year long goal. This year I have decided to cook 150 different recipes. I won't blog every day, I won't necessarily blog in detail about every recipe, however I will keep track of the recipes that I have cooked and how many I have left to cook.

In light of my new endeavor my husband made Christmas an exciting time with that theme, after first clearing up the issue that getting cooking supplies isn't a 'Sleeping on the Couch' recipe in the making, hehe! I received several fun cooking things in my stocking and my main present was an excellent most fabulous Le Creuset 9.5 Quart 'French' Oven :) Oh I was like a little kid on Christmas! So excited!

My stocking was also filled with helpful kitchen gadgets to make my cooking adventure easier, including this gem - which I think is my new favorite tool. If you recall I love cooking gadgets and so getting new ones is always exciting - but to date this one is by far my favorite. It took NO time, less than a minute in fact to chop up this parsley. Score!

With all my new cooking tools I am ready to cook, bake, and slice and dice! So stay tuned for a lot of cooking over this next year. Enjoy following me this coming year and seeing the progress I am making on my 2010 goal of 150 different recipes in 365 days!


brianne said...

OOH So pretty! Make sure to only use wood or plastic/silicone utensils - metal will scratch that pretty enamel!


Congrats on the French Oven. I sure do like those (though I don't own one).
Do you own a mandoline slicer? That is another fun gadget you might enjoy!