Monday, January 4, 2010


These two little keys look awfully familiar don't they? Don't they look like they belong somewhere else other than my table? Perhaps that they should be locked into something? My son the ever-advanced typist found these keys to be obsolete, beneath him, superfluous... and thus he had them removed...

You see when Ace is very quiet (like with any child) you begin to worry. What has he gotten into now? Well, it was this time: my computer. He quietly had been typing away... and apparently stripping away my keys. Yikes! Now they aren't permanently detached. However, Loving Husband will have to take a fair amount of tedious attention to reattach these precarious suckers. So at the moment it's a tad obnoxious to type that very word.

He was having such an exciting time though. Very into the typing thing. He can open windows, go to websites that are in my favorite drop down menu. He was having a blast. I don't think he bought anything on Amazon - but I suppose we'll find out in a few weeks. Ha! One thing is for sure - while he doesn't have the exact understanding or the dexterity to do it - he completely comprehends how computers work.


Heather said...

Oh no!! Please don't let him teach Madeleine that. LOL!! We already have far too many computer geeks in our family. :P

But that photo of him with the laptop is so cute. Hehe!

Carrie said...

you gotta invest in whatever LH uses to fix it. I'm sure there will be more times!