Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A nightlight

With Ace now sleeping in his own room a nightlight is in order, but since he is still uber excited to pull anything and everything out of electrical sockets - the traditional nightlights just weren't going to cut it. Didn't need my son in the middle of the night playing with plugs and outlets... so a hunt continued - Christmas lights were too bright - and then I found this.

Ace loves it. He loves to look at the stars and fall asleep. It has a 45 minute timer so it does turn off, but his room isn't entirely pitch black due to the street light out his window, so it is ok and not pitch black even after the turtle turns off. I highly recommend it.... even if it is a crazy-expensive nightlight.

Ace's room with his new nightlight.


S Club Mama said...

is that one of those turtle things?

Maricris Zen Mama said...

I wish I have that in my room right now. That is so spectacular.

AP Mommy said...

Yes it is one of those turtle things :) from Cloud B - he LOVES it!