Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scarf Mania

Yes, this past holiday season I was nothing short of a crocheting machine. I started in October but really didn't hit the ground running until November when I started to kick the scarf making into high gear. Yes, scarves were a prominent feature in my gift-giving this past Christmas. I made 7 as gifts and an 8th for myself. Although I will admit the one that I claimed as my own had been intended as a gift and therefore I had to make an extra one in order to have enough.

I wanted to do a different pattern for each of them this group of five was for four of my girl friends, the purple one is that one I made and decided to keep for myself, it also is the one that took the most time. The teal one was a tad laborious in parts, but I would certainly use the pattern again, in fact I'd use all of these patterns again. Here is the patterns for the green scarf and unfortunately the pattern link for the red scarf (which was a Lion Brand free pattern) was not saved properly and I have no clue which one I used. I free formed the blue scarf and the pattern was more or less (chain as many loops for the width of the scarf, dc in each ch, 'ch3 turn, then dc into dc of previous row*, ch1, dc' repeat until you achieve the desired length of the scarf)

The scarf on the left and far right are both using the simple double crochet pattern that I made up** and the scarf in the middle is using the same pattern that I used for the green scarf. The two on the left I made in October and the one on the right was my last one that I completed on Christmas day. :) Whew just in time!

* I cannot recall exactly whether or not I skipped a dc on the original row and then ch1 or if I dc in each and in between each ch1. But play around with it and you can obtain whatever look you want. That's the beauty of free form - as long as your repetition is the same it will turn out looking just fine.

** I don't believe I actually broke innovative ground with this pattern, in fact I am certain I could scour the Internet and find this exact pattern (with clearer instruction) pretty easily, but I did make it up from 'scratch'

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