Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Swim and Swing

I absolutely love swim lesson days. Some times it is hard to get there. Some times it is stressful getting there on time. But every time it is worth it. Ace has so much fun, even when he hates to backfloat. It's amazing to see all the progress that he has made from when he was this small at 7 months to today where he has extend breath control (3 seconds underwater) and can kick, blow bubbles, and even get into the pool safely by rolling over and holding onto the side. He's so happy in the water and such a happy boy even when lessons are over. Today after swimming we went to the park. Watching him squeal with delight and trying to make himself go in the swing was just a joy to watch. I love this guy - sometimes I think my heart will burst with how much. Even more so when he takes a TWO hour nap (his longest ever since exiting the 'sleepy-newborn' phase!)
There is no sound to this video the transfer from the phone to the computer causes a loss in sound and picture quality for that matter.

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