Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mae's First Bonks

With mobility comes bruises and scrapes.  It's just the way of the world of a mobile baby.   However, the first bonk is always memorable - at least the firsts of my children were.  Neither were terribly traumatic for them, but still sad for them and their mommy.    Ace's was a simple run in with the rocking chair.   To her credit Mae managed to survive obtaining a good bruising bonk for a lot longer than her sibling... I wonder if that is gender related?  :)   I digress.

Yes Mae a week ago had her first bonk.  While crawling and attempting to get out to the backyard where her big brother was playing she rammed her head into the door frame.   She was none too happy and a little bruise formed on her head above her right eye.    

Now while she might not be a boy and have that genetic disposition for danger - she does have an older brother that she adores and loves to follow.   Now a week after receiving her first official bonk, and well after that small bruise had healed and been forgotten... she received another.

Earlier this week, I had the audacity to go to the bathroom, leaving two mobile children alone for less than a minute (it's true, anyone that knows me can attest to my speed in that department.)   In this time, Ace had opened the front door, opened and locked open the screen door (pushing that little slide over so it won't shut) and gone outside.   That's ok he's allowed to do that... Mae however wanted to follow her brother (you see where I'm going with this?)  and as quick as she is - followed him right on out, unaware of the consequences of the step down to the porch... and her nose, mouth, and chin met the concrete unhappily.  I come out of the bathroom to find my little one's legs sticking up in the air still half 'in' the house and the rest unhappy on the ground.  I pick her up and dust her off and she only fussed for a few more seconds... sheesh baby girl!  Her battle wounds have already healed even though she did this on Tuesday... but her little chin was pretty red the rest of Tuesday night.

As you can see (or not really see)  the wounds are extremely superficial, certainly already forgotten in her little mind as life continues on and she continues to toddle around the house without a care in the world.  She's fearless and while I applaud that - it makes me nervous.   Stay safe little girl!

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