Tuesday, August 30, 2011

For Katie

It's been over a month now since a friend of mine had her world shaken to the core.  She went to the doctor thinking she might had a mild issue and came out with the understanding that instead she was about to face a major battle against stage four colon cancer; but that didn't defeat her.   It empowered her.    She took on this fight with postive forward attitude.  For her family, for her daughter, for her life.   

She's gone through two rounds of chemo thus far and has weathered it amazingly well and she begins another tomorrow. But tomorrow is another day.   Today is her birthday.  A day to celebrate and be happy and at her husband's request we as her friends and family have been asked to light a candle or two in her honor to help show her that we are here to light her way forward.   So for you today Katie the candle has been lit, but even if it isn't burning every day - we are praying for you every day.    To send your own encouragement to Katie you can follow her journey here.

A little tinting with what happens to be both Katie and my favorite color
on an already silly photo (of me) from our 20's NYE party in 2007


Marianne said...

So sorry about your friend. Thanks for visiting my blog and for letting me know I'm not alone with my Comments issue.

brianne said...

Great idea with the post - inspired me to do one, too. Maybe if there are more bloggers who are following her Caring Bridge we do a linky for the next thing like this?