Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food Fun

In addition to or as a part of 'school'  I have been having fun with Ace and helping him learn and 'play' with food.   No he doesn't just mess his fingers around with food but he does get to do some things that aren't your every day activities with them. 

After Ace learned how to pour 'in school'  we took that activity and put it to good use.   We poured some popcicle mix into the popcicle trays in the morning and then after naptime were able to enjoy them.

On another day I helped teach Ace where orange juice comes from and we made some of our very own.  I helped him learn where they grow, how they are picked, squeezed and bottled into orange juice. Then we squeezed and enjoyed ourselves about a 1/2 cup each of some fresh squeezed juice.    He really enjoyed this activity and really wishes to repeat it... daily.

The other days I let him help me make dirt cups and he got to smash the oreos!  He found that really exciting.  I dumped in some pudding and we mixed it all together... and he was very excited... but the pudding was gross!  I had to agree.  Ick!   No replacement for Jello brand that's for sure - we'll attempt some dirt cups again when we have the proper ingredients. 

So what to do with that leftover icky pudding? Feed it to the husband! (He didn't think it was icky)  But since I highy doubt he likes pudding THAT much - I put most of it into ziplock bag and we used it to make a resource to practice spelling, writing and drawing.  It was a short lived activity but it got a rating of "That's pretty cool!"

There are lots of ways to let kids explore their world and have fun and Ace has been loving all these food related activities.    Just wait until he gets to use food dye during his Dr. Seuss week activities!

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Mom said...

Where were your worms for your dirt... have you forgotten everything.. your dirt needs worms..