Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ten on ten August

My day began far too early for my liking... oh well at least there was daylight this time.   Be sure to stop by A Bit of Sunshine to see other people's interpretations of their days.   My pictures are a hodge podge this month of cell phone shots and from SLR, mix in a little Photoshop and Picnik for some effect here and there and wala my 10 on 10.  :)
At 6:30, I took this right after I told my son to go back and stay in bed until 7...

By 7:30, Mae had a bath, I had ironed her shirt, and we were taking her 7 month pictures
Around  8:30 I had already snapped this photo and had it in photoshop to create a little birthday wish for Kaylee
Around 9:30 I realized I hadn't eaten any breakfast yet...and so I did.

10:45 all packed in the car and ready to run some errands!
11:30 - DANGEROUS! Second fabric store in under an hour. :)

12:45 - "I'm not sleepy mom!"

Around 1:30 I was spending some 1 on 1 time with my baby girl before I put her down for her nap.

2:30 - GASP! Two kids STILL asleep? It can't be!  Time for some Pinterest!
3:20 and the boy still sleeps... I wonder how long he had been awake before he woke me at 6:30?
Don't have to tell me twice. With Mae playing happily on the floor, I'm readying a project.

At 3:25 I take the picture and at 3:28 my son awakes. 
Time for life to get busy again, and the  project to sit until bedtime!


Carrie said...

love your pics!! looks like a good day :)

Angee said...

Love your birthday photo. So clever and cute. Looks like I wasn't the only one looking in their rearview mirror a lot today.

Leanne said...

These photos are great. Thanks for the snap shot into your day.

Dmarie said...

what a great day! thanks for sharing and happy birthday, Kaylee!!

JulieBGreen said...

Genius photoshopping the message in, I'm going to steal that idea :). I always have to limit myself going to the fabric store...both time and money! Great set!

brianne said...

Love that picture of you and Morgan! Funny I got a similar rearview pic today :)

DuckEggBlue said...

your 10.45 is just like mine, too funny, I love photoshop baby snap.

Anonymous said...

Sweet children and fun fabric...looks like a good day!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

looks like a fun day! And, pinterest....LOVE it!!! so addicting!