Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Seven Months Old

 Mae is growing and thriving and is everywhere!   Yes, our little girl in the last few weeks has learned to crawl and now she's mobile!  She took a couple of weeks to perfect her technique but she is now a quick crawler when she wants to be.   She is starting to pull herself up into her toy basket and onto people, so it's only a matter of time before she aims for the couch.   Walking is a few months away but we expect that she'll be doing it before year's end for sure.

Firsts this month:  crawling, solid food eating, first time being babysat, first trip(s) to Disneyland

Mae still is working on teeth and still just has a gummy smile.  Not sure when those teeth will finally make their appearance, but she hasn't seemed too bothered this last month, so I suspect they're still not on their way in at the moment.  

Sleep for Mae is eh... sometimes she spins like a top.  Meaning while she's totally asleep, her parents she sleeps in between are not because she literally spins around in a circle, so we get feet, hands, her head batting at us from various angles through the night.   Other nights her sleep stints are longer than others, but on average they're nothing to write home about.   Her cosleeper is going to have to be retired soon, as recently as this past weekend she can pull herself out and onto our bed.   She really is ON THE MOVE!

Mobility as previously mentioned is an adventure now.   Since we're currently living in a house with no brick fireplaces, and no multi-level hazards we haven't chosen to put up any gates just yet.  She's not too into the exploring cabinets or anything mostly just cruising and doesn't stray too far from where she can see me, so we're still enjoying a jungle-gate-free zone.   Honestly, we're not too sure with this configuration of the house, how we will put the gates up, but we'll see!

Mae did great at Disneyland the two days in a row that we went.  She spent a good deal of time in the ergo carrier and while warm was content to snuggle against me and relax.  She enjoyed the rides with little curiosity and a lot of patience, which was nice for her older brother to allow him to truly enjoy Disneyland and all its wonder.

On our anniversary this year, Mae experienced a new first: babysitting!  This girl still won't take a bottle, but she does ok to go for a few hours without milk and so we gave ourselves a little under 3 hours of kid free time with the help of our neighbors.   Reports are she did great... didn't take the bottle we left (no shock there) but was happy.   In fact when we arrived I handed her right to Jessica and there was zero fuss and zero fuss as we walked out the door.  She was content and happy.   Yipee! 

Overall, an exciting seventh month in our little girl's life.  She's adorable and thriving.   I can't believe we're on the downward slide toward one!  Slow down baby girl!!

(Things that I find interesting and unplanned include that in both Ace and Mae's 7th month of life they learned to crawl and both went to Disneyland for the first time.   Like I said not planned just an interesting coincidence that I noticed when reviewing Ace's seven month blog.)

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