Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Learning for Mae

I have been helping Ace with school now for a couple of months - helping him learn his alphabet, practical skills, and even some more adventurous subjects about outer space.    All the while M toddles around among us, snoozes in her swing, or tries to get in on the learning.     So while shopping for additional 'school supplies' for Ace,  I have been keeping my eye out for learning tools for Mae.  

While on Lakeshore Learning I went to the 'infant' section and found the Colorpillar.   I was a bit skeptical about the quality vs. price point - but I am 100% satisfied!   The colorpillar is made of a good quality and rolls up well.   Helping M learn her colors is one of the first task on my list of things 'to do' in her education.   This mat and the toys that come with it will allow us a variety of methods to help her learn her colors.  

We have removed the wooden toys for now - partially because I'm not convinced about their 'edible' qualities and partially to not overwhelm her with excess.   Her favorite activity with this mat is to start at one in and race down it - trampling all the toys on her way.

She loves to chew on all the the toys and carries the bean bags around in her mouth - which I love are in shapes all with different fabric selections for a fun texture element.

Mae approves of this toy and she's pretty darn adorable playing with it...  Ace enjoys it too. He likes to help his sister her her colors and find other objects around the house to match with the colors.  So while for Mae it is a tad early for her to have immediate application of the educational value - there is extreme value in repetition and so we will continue to show her, play with her, and explore her colors using her colorpillar.

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Eat. Live. Laugh. and sometimes shop! said...

I'm also a lawyer turned mom! Don't tell too many people, though, they want you to be in charge of every single committee as if my litigation and legal briefing prowess necessarily translates into organizing school carnivals.

I love this toy and how you are already working on her ability to match and sort! A+