Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday Themed Sensory Box

I was very excited to put together this months' sensory box for Ace.    The weather box didn't go over as well as I had hoped.  Mostly because of the staining your hands blue upon touching the rocks issue.   He didn't like that he couldn't do it, walk away, and return to it - hand washing had to be involved.     Since his birthday is in August, I wanted to do a birthday themed sensory box.  

Inside this box is: 2 bags of shredded crinkle paper as the base, sparkly pom poms, 2 bows, 1 curly ribbon bow, 2 different sets of candles, Happy Birthday confetti, noise makers, foil presents, two random octopus dive toys (they just looked fun!),  a #3 birthday candle, a balloon, and tweezers to pick through everything! It's a bit busier than his other two boxes, but that's ok - good to experiment with if more is better than less, etc. 

I put it out the Monday before his birthday and he was so excited to be able to open it and explore.  It now being Thursday he has already explored this sensory box more than the weather one in total.   He loves it.  Although he does want to light fire to the candles, which makes me a bit nervous... hopefully my explanation as to why that's not an option will suffice.  :)

He has enjoyed exploring, counting, tweezing, sorting and even digging, this week through all his festivities and when we're all done he'll get the octopus dive toys and the balloon as 'presents' - where as his other sensory boxes the contents of those disappear in the night and he always wonders what happend to them. :)

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