Friday, August 26, 2011

Reinforcing Faith

As parents it is our duty and privilege to help them learn about God, to teach the to pray, read their Bible, to have a thirst to desire God. To find faith in God a joyous experience and not a confusing abstract concept.  Loving Husband and I try our best to find loving, instructive and meaningful ways to talk about our faith and share it with our kids.

For nearly two years now we have said prayers with every night before bed. A little over a year ago we introduced devotions before bedtime. As Ace and Mae grow older, I want them to have prayer throughout the day, not just at bedtime or after a timeout.

I came across the idea of the Prayer Pail, where you place people's names on wooden sticks and you leave it near the dining table and then at a meal you take one or two out and pray for those people.   We used Ace's art time during school to create these sticks.  We used some of the sticks to write things Ace was thankful for and put them into the jar as well. 

We have had this jar for a few weeks now - and while we don't do it every meal, or even every day it still is a nice additional reminder to take the time and pray for someone.   Helping reinforce talking to Jesus, praying for others, and being faithful to God.   I won't lie, it's a good reminder for mom too.

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