Thursday, August 11, 2011

Relay the 4 Seasons

Time for more school and this time we are learning about the four seasons! And while I'd love to be pool side at a Four Seasons this lesson was more focused on the other four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

We began with some nomenclature cards with a matching game element.   I obtained these cards for free here.   We started with just the four season cards and discussed the types of weather that (typically) accompanies them.   Let me say that I am glad that we're in Mississippi for this initial lesson, otherwise he'd be mighty confused considering shorts and short-sleeved shirts in the Northwest are still a hit or miss even now in August (sorry, everyone!)  

We discussed that each month of the year has a particular season (I skipped over the complexity of March/June/September/December actually having two seasons for now.)   Then we moved onto to discuss the types of clothing that we wear in hot and cold weather.    After that I brought out the rest of the cards and I laid them out for him to see.  Next up I picked them all up, shuffled them, and let him have a go at matching the proper season to clothing.   He did pretty well.

Next up was the clothing relay! I had gathered clothing from around the house including hats (we left footwear for another time.  I could totally hear him the next time I wanted him to put closed toe shoes on that "THOSE ARE NOT 'SUMMER' SHOES!" so we skipped footwear.)  Originally the idea was for him to start and run to the tub grab one item, come back and put it on, go back, etc..  Ultimately what he did was start behind the line and then go and get dressed in that month's appropriate clothing.    So he did expend some energy on this activity, I was hoping for a bit more.  

Either way he had a lot of fun.  He's been doing pretty well at dressing himself for almost a year now.  He's actually pretty good at the concept of buttons (not always properly aligning them, but still!) He even knows that he needs to roll his pants so they stay up on his skinny little self.  hehe.   

After each completed outfit - he happily complied with letting me take a picture of him (I was very surprised by this!)  Then we put all the clothes away and having saved the "summer" relay for last - he was dressed and ready to go get some lunch!   I love finding fun ways for him to learn and burn energy!  When I can combine them all into one - double bonus!

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Carrie said...

such a great idea!! love his outfits :)