Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Eve of Three...

Three years ago today my life was still seven hours away from changing forever.  Seven hours left until my first born was to enter this world.   Now I am seven hours away from my eldest turning three.  For some reason this is life changing to me.  I watch as this boy gets older and taller daily. I look at him and can remember him squirming and kicking my right ribs in an attempt to get out the last six weeks of pregnancy.  When did he get to be 37" tall?  When did I stop counting his haircuts?   When did I stop counting how many days old he was?   In seven hours he will be 1,095 days old.  

Around 12 hours old...
I think the impact is greater because starting Thursday, I will no longer count Ace in 'months old.'   To be honest when people asked me how old he was I haven't used 'months' to describe that age since he reached about 18 months, but I have kept track with my pictures based on months.  There are 36 folders of Ace, one for each month that he's been alive filled with growing Ace pictures - want to see? (only 35 pictures fit nicely in the collage so that's 1-35 ;-))

It's hard to believe that this much time has past.  He's far from my baby anymore.  He still loves to give hugs, but I rarely get snuggles anymore. He's too busy and on the go - and that's something to cherish in a different way - but I can't say I don't miss my baby boy.    It really seems like yesterday that we were snuggling for the first time, he was asleep for the first time on my chest and I was staring at him in awe.   Gone are those days, but the memories are cemented.

So on the eve of his third birthday - Ace's 36th month of life - when this mommy ceases to count in months, I just am happy to take a moment to relish in this time and in this upcoming year ahead.   What will year four bring us?  Only time will tell, but if it's anything like the last three years it's certain to be a joyous ride.   Happy Birthday Eve, Bear!

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