Monday, August 29, 2011

On the go!

Mae is busy busy and enjoying her mobility.  She got crawling down pat and is getting around throughout the house and following us around pretty quickly.  She does the traditional crawl a lot of the time, but then there are moment that she puts her own spin onto it. Like this...

Her latest efforts toward walking is the slowly increasing pulling herself up to things. She hasn't yet mastered pulling herself up to the couch, once she does that I think she'll be venturing into walking very shortly. However, for now she's practicing on smaller scales.

We've brought out the gates, but for the most part only use them on occassion to prevent her from venturing outside or to a particular area for a period of time.   For the most part she's free to roam.
Her brother has found it a bit more problematic these days to be on ground level.  He's started to have to retreat to higher ground (the couch or his table) to eat anything or do anything that he doesn't want help with.   For the most part he's been very gracious to his sister's curiousity.  We'll see if this love continues once she's able to reach him at his current safe havens. :)

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